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Leading respiratory therapy experts anticipate a huge increase in demand for functional community rehab during and following the pandemic.

Register here for updates and opportunities as we seek to strategically deploy rehab specialist MSK professionals to support the National Health Service at this challenging time.

Essential criteria:

Minimum of a bachelors degree (or equivalent) in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports Rehabilitation, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Sports Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Medicine.

desirable criteria:

In agreement with the strategic vision detailed in the March 2020 podcast with Jack Chew and Rachel Moses: Listen Here

MSKReform member who is aligned with the 2019 Manifesto for Reform, especially prioritised policies for Evidence and Clinical Excellence.


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  • MSK Therapist with at least a bachelors degree in a therapy or medical profession
  • Keen to offer social value
  • No specialised respiratory therapy skills
  • Work routine disrupted by COVID-19 and looking for other opportunities

If you are an MSK specialist therapist with an interest in rehabilitation, please consider joining the MSKReform Rehab Recruits. 

We are discussing how to practically deploy the Rehab Recruits with NHS Improvement who are currently evaluating all options. Please also complete this survey and consider using this brilliant App by the NIHR which monitors symptoms across the nation.

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic from MSK therapists in the UK has been simultaneously heartening and concerning. Heartening in that the therapists are asking ‘What can I do to help?’ but concerning in that their instinct to dust off their stethoscope has been met with inconsistent messages.

In a ground-breaking podcast released in March 2020, MSKReform’s Director Jack Chew and Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist Rachel Moses laid out the strategic case for what MSK therapists should and should not be doing to help the care efforts.

In brief, they argue that MSK therapists should not be seeking to up-skill into long forgotten areas of former training and should instead lean into their functional rehab skills.


Redeploy incompetent MSK therapists into front line acute care roles.


Redeploy MSK therapists as rehabilitation specialists where required in the community

This aligns with the 2019 MSKR Manifesto for Reform policies to promote rehab excellence and expand the workforce by competence, regardless of professional background.

We hope that these notes, the recent podcasts and the MSKR manifesto is persuasive. If so, please register for news as we pursue deployment opportunities to efficiently help with the care efforts.


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