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The creation of the Manifesto for Reform is just the beginning. The document cannot change a single thing about MSK practice without you and that’s why we’re launching MSKR: the grass-roots MSK think-tank!

The first step is to share the Manifesto far and wide to create awareness and generate discussion. Read it, share it, talk about it, improve it!

Our movement was built on feedback so we’re here to listen. Love the policies? Declare your support here and sign up to be an MSKR member here. Don’t like them? Help us refine them. How can we make MSKR a vehicle for positive change?

MSKR members will soon be voting on policy priorities and electing the 2020 action group leaders as part of our digital community portal. Become one here.


As an MSKR member you are demonstrating your support for a change for the better, involving yourself as an equal partner in the movement and will receiving the following exclusive benefits:

  • Full voting rights on policy prioritising for 2020
  • Printed copy of the 60-page MSKR Manifesto for Reform
  • Access to the MSKR digital community portal
  • Free entry to MSKR roadshow events
  • 20% discount to CPD courses and conferences from TPMP guests
  • Ability to join the MSKR 2020 Action Groups
  • Access to MSKR media training

what next

Following the Reforming MSK Conference 2019 in Manchester, we are planning further roadshow-style events across the UK in 2020 to get the manifesto messages scrutinised, sharpened and heard!

To create change we need the governing bodies, education institutes and policy-makers to take notice but we also need clinician, patient and educator voices – because if not us, then who?

download now

You can now download the MSKR Manifesto for Reform; the first document from the think-tank to emerge from #TheBigRs – MSKReform


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