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70+ unique, interesting individuals contributed to our 60-page Manifesto for Reform. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction by MSKR Director Jack Chew:

‘I am delighted to introduce the MSKR Manifesto for Reform; the product of an innovative two-year project, which I feel demonstrates grass-roots support for a reformative agenda in MSK practice.

The MSKR Manifesto for Reform is a culmination of two years of work contributed to by over 200 interesting, unique individuals who are willing to make a stand against the industry that has been sluggish to adapt to the contemporary challenges that MSK practice faces. Simple reforms could position MSK care where it deservedly belongs: at the heart of wider healthcare innovations.

When reading this Manifesto, I invite you to ask yourself the following question on a regular basis; ‘If we were to enact these policies, would MSK practice improve?’ If yes, I hope you’ll join our movement, if no, I hope you’ll help us to refine it.’

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You can now download the MSKR Manifesto for Reform by clicking below, alternatively you can also download the executive summary.

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‘If we were to enact these policies, would MSK practice improve?’

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