At MSKReform we are encouraging our members to prepare for significant disruption to their work and personal lives caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. In this email we would like to share the latest advice and update you on what we are still able to achieve.

Firstly we would like to direct members to the official NHS, UK Government and WHO advice but we also feel it is appropriate and responsible for us to share some thoughts and advice specific to our field.

MSKR members include clinicians who work in solo clinics, large hospital departments, sports facilities, universities and everything in between. Any advice here will be somewhat generic and each professional should evaluate their own work environment and situation appropriately and specifically.

MSKR members also include patients and carers with and without underlying health problems who should protect themselves as any member of the public should at this time. The following advice from MSKR is predominantly directed at clinicians.

MSK care is important but rarely critical therefore at a time of international emergency the amount of people seeking help for their MSK conditions is likely to decrease significantly.

We encourage phone and video consultations wherever possible and are confident that our members are well placed to deliver great care remotely based on our standards of clinical excellence.

This is also a time to consider the potential opportunities for MSK clinicians to recognise their versatility and broader expertise in the greater healthcare environment.

One-to-one clinical contacts can be managed with extra hygiene precautions.
Be sure to contact new and existing patients to detail your policy and to encourage them to match your hygiene standards if attending.

One area MSKR are going beyond current Government advice is around social gatherings. We will not be holding in-person meetings or roadshow events as planned and will be making all meetings and events digital.

Tickets to roadshow event 1 in Manchester will still be honoured for digital attendance and the event will not be open access so that we can still deliver a great event within our administration capacities. If you wish to attend, please still book a ticket but be aware you will not have to travel to Manchester.

MSKR’s Action Groups are soon to be finalised (closing date Sunday 22nd March) and will be pushing on with plans to enact our prioritised policies. We have a great digital portal that is being optimised for meetings, discussions and voting as required.

We therefore do not anticipate a need for any delays to our 2020 plans. In fact we are hearing from members who are able to offer more time in the current situation.

As ever, MSKR pledge to avoid wasting your time.
Thanks to everyone who continues to work hard for the organisation.

MSKReform Team


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